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UI/UX Designer | Sciforma

• Designed user flows and high fidelity interfaces using Sketch
• Prototyped motion design in Keynote and AfterEffects
• Collaborated on the creation of Sciforma’s first design framework

Front End Design/Dev and Lead Programming Instructor | Knodemy

• Designed/Developed responsive web elements
• Developed curriculum for html/css/javascript and python

M.S. HCI/design | Indiana University Bloomington
Design Intern | Dayton, OH | LexisNexis

• Prototyped interactive motion UI concepts using D3.js.
• Visualized user behavior data in Tableau.

Associate Instructor | Indiana University Bloomington

• Taught fundamental programming concepts to undergraduates.
• Debugged 350 (and counting) student programs.

Robot Interface Developer | Bloomington R-House

• Designed live display and control interface for a research robot.
• Programmed motion control using iRobot create open interface.

B.S. Informatics | Indiana University Bloomington

• Minor in Digital Art.

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